5 Reasons to hire an Interior Designer

Everyone deserves to love the space they live in. Your home should not only reflect your individual style and personality, but also work with your lifestyle. A well-designed space takes planning and care.
When you mention the word Interior Design, many people conjure up an image of an exclusive service that only wealthy individuals with grand residences can use. This is certainly not the case, hiring an Interior Designer comes with many benefits and I have outlined 5 below…

1. Avoids costly mistakes
Though it might sound strange, hiring a professional will help you save money. Interior Designers can be helpful for first time homeowners as they will reduce all the unwanted spending and prevent the owner from making costly mistakes. A good design done right at the start of a project, will always save money in the coming years.

2. Saves time
An Interior Designer already has an expert sense of what wants to be done and when it needs to be done. They do all the leg work and research into the best materials, furnishings and accessories for your project, leaving you with the weekends to yourself to enjoy with family & friends- not trawling from one interior store to another.

3. Maximises your budget
Interior Designers will source your products and ensure you are getting them at the right prices. They can advise you on whether to re-use items you already have, for example, keeping an existing floor and maybe sanding and painting it or re- upholstering a piece of furniture to totally transform it.

4. Adds a WOW factor
A professional with an eye for design, along with the knowledge and experience in pulling together room schemes, will be able to give your home the wow factor it deserves. Interior Designers can see the overall vision and will suggest colour combinations and finishing touches that will make your house a home.

5. Access to resources
Homeowners decorating their homes on their own likely look to magazines or Pinterest for inspiration and must buy furniture and accessories from a retail store. Professional designers have access to trade stores and vendors not on the high street. An Interior Designer also has reliable contractor resources, such as carpenters, electricians and painters. These contacts can save you the headache of finding someone you can trust.

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