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13 Reasons to Choose E-Design for Your Next
Home Refresh

A home refresh is a great way to maximize the design potential of your space, but if you're stuck
on where to begin, e-design could help you achieve the upgrades you’ve envisioned. With the
added convenience of designing on your own schedule, you can skip countless visits to a studio
or flipping through dozens of color swatches to visualize the end result – everything can be
designed right from the comfort of your couch. If you're considering giving the virtual design
route a go, we spoke to experts from Sarasota, FL, all the way to Brantford, ON, to get their top
tips for using e-design for your next home refresh.

1) You’ll still be working one-on-one with a professional

It’s not difficult to work with a designer on your home refresh through e-design. In fact, many
are familiar with working virtually and can get an aesthetic understanding of the style of a space
through pictures along with a Facetime walk-through. Through Covid, e-design has been a
beacon of light for our industry and shows how designers don't need to be on location to style a
space and work our magic. -Authentic Interior Décor

One common misconception with e-design is that, unlike traditional design services, it’s not a
collaborative process. However, working with an e-designer gets you an equal high-level
designer direction and expertise without the designer cost. -Rehome Interior

2) Each design is uniquely created for you

As a designer, it's important for me to help each space feel unique and personal. Transparency
with your designer tends to be the key to doing that well. So, don't hide your quirks because
being your whole self during the design process will give your designer the best shot at creating
not only a beautiful space but a personal one. –C+E Interiors

Even if your interior designer doesn't see your space in person, you can still achieve the space
you envisioned. We have a very comprehensive process that starts with an in-depth questionnaire
to tell me your vision for your project, styles, and colors you like. You also include photos and
measurements of the room along with images that you feel inspired by for your space. From this
information, I can start drawing a floor plan and create both a 2D and 3D concept board. –
Far&Away Interior Design

3) You’ll be able to visualize different decor elements before

E-design is conveniently sustainable. When going through the e-design process, you're
maximizing your investment by virtually seeing and mapping out your project so you can include
sustainability in both the products and planning, which is a new luxury. E-design allows you to
do this with a few clicks of a button before you make an investment purchase. – Abigail-Elise
Design Studio

4) Your e-designer will walk you through the design process

With so many options to purchase furniture and accessories online today, it can be overwhelming
for most people and eventually confuse them, which can cause them to give up. Additionally,
many people don't fully understand design elements, such as scale and color theory, and end up
with a mismatched, unsightly room. An e-designer provides you with a design style that works
and keeps you from making costly design mistakes. While you can either do it yourself or hire a
professional, you wouldn't buy a Chevy if you wanted a Cadillac. –Strategic Pro Staging

E-design plans include easy tips, exact placements of decor and decor accessories, as well as
options. And, if you're stuck on choosing a paint color, color suggestions are also included,
which helps eliminate one of the most stressful parts for a homeowner. –The Birchwood Blog

5) You’ll have the help of a professional when sourcing

For e-design services, you'll receive all of the direction and resources needed to complete your
space. From there, you'll be able to purchase everything in the design package, where we provide
you with a clickable shopping list. –Jenny Chohan Interiors

Time is of the essence when sourcing materials for your design plan. E-design is a quick and
efficient way of decorating one’s living space as it relies upon off-the-shelf retail furnishings.
However, with today’s climate, I encourage homeowners to make decisions quickly because of
varying stock levels and ever-escalating prices for such furnishings.– Sorell Interiors

6) You’ll be able to easily flip a space using an adaptable design

Life changes quickly, and your home should adapt right along with you. Following a discussion
with your e-designer, converting the guest room to a home office or a nursery to a kid's bedroom
is a painless process with your design plan in hand. Direct communication, fast turnaround times,
and thoughtful solutions for every budget make e-design the best option to create fresh spaces
you love and are designed for the way you live. –Kristen Dena Design

7) E-design can give insight to a space’s potential

Homebuyers often want homes that are move-in-ready with no renovations, which can limit their
home search options. However, e-designers can help homebuyers understand what type of
projects to take on that won't break the bank. Not only does this increase the number of homes in
their home search, but renovations may also be used as a negotiation opportunity when placing
an offer to purchase the home. -Livable Luxe Home

8) You’re able to take charge and make quick decisions

The best thing about e-design services is that you get to extract the talent, expertise, and
knowledge of an interior designer, and still be very much in control of how to implement it. You
get to wait for all the right sales, decide when to purchase all the pieces, and when to have those
pieces delivered to your home. –Clickable Curations

E-design is perfect for someone who is on a budget or loves the process of choosing and placing
orders for things like furniture and decor, but just needs a designer's perspective on what will
look good or how things should be put together. Also, the process is more personal than using
Pinterest or any magazine, and the results will be tailored to your personality. –Bonsai Design

9) You can work with a designer anywhere

E-design removes the geographical boundaries to design, which means that we can work with
clients based worldwide. Since the design process is done virtually, we request floor plans,
elevations, or images from the room(s) at the beginning of any e-design project. We also submit
a client questionnaire that will detail things like the client's budget, style preferences, wants,
needs, etc. This ensures that we have a comprehensive overview of the project before any design
work starts. The entire process is fully interactive, and we liaise with the client throughout,
ensuring the design is exactly what they were imagining. -CR Interiors

10) You’re willing to put in the groundwork to achieve your
dream space

It's essential to get correct measurements so your designer can get you furniture that will fit
perfectly. E-design is unique because the designer isn't actually in your space with you when the
plan is made, so making sure you're putting in the time to take accurate measurements is crucial.
Nothing is worse than finding the perfect piece only to realize it's 3/4" too big for your space. –
Vanessa Wolf Design

Take detailed measurements, pictures, and answer the questionnaire honestly. Don't skip a step,
since the more information we have, the better the result. We organize all our design ideas, tools,
and tips into a comprehensive e-design package that will serve as a do-it-yourself guide to
implementing the design yourself. An e-designer can help you maximize every square inch of
your space, turn awkward and challenging obstacles into features, realize hidden potentials, and
help you achieve high-quality results. –TOC Design

11) You’re self-motivated to complete your project

E-design works well for clients who are self-motivated, for smaller projects, and for those able to
implement the selections provided by the interior designer despite the scope of work. Clients can
be more involved in their own project since they'll be receiving and then implementing the steps
with my guidance. Because I'm not directly installing or managing as much in person, this can be
great for specific budgets. –Sara Brandon Designs

12) Design plans for your home refresh are based on your ideas
and inspirations

Even if you're not sure about the proper terminology or the name of a certain design style, e-
designers can easily use the pictures from the Pinterest Board and other details to help curate a
clear aesthetic and plan of action to bring it to life. It's beneficial for homeowners to create a
vision board on Pinterest that's full of pictures reflecting how they want their home to look, feel,
and function, as well as having a list of non-negotiables (like a dream couch or a space that's safe
for their dogs to play in). With the heart of the homeowner and the designer's expertise, e-
designers can create a beautiful, personalized, and timeless home for the client. -Anchor Home

13) You want to try a little DIY

E-design is perfect for people interested in a cohesive design that they can implement on their
own, making it a great choice for DIY-ers. The e-designer will deliver a design solution and
provide you with detailed drawings. From there, you'll get a shopping list so that you can do the
purchasing, installation, and project management on your own. -Hues & Scapes

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