Cosy up your home this Autumn

As the evenings draw in and with Autumn in full swing, it is time to make sure your home is a cosy and inviting place to take refuge over these next few months. So get the fire lighting, put the cosy socks on, pour yourself a big mug of tea (or wine, if it is after 5pm when you are reading this!) and have a read of our top cosy home tips below, we guarantee it will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside…

1. Layer up

You hear this term used when dressing during the colder months, now apply it in your interior. Texture can give a room instant cosy feels, think cashmere, wool and faux fur. Simply add accessories such as soft throws and thick blankets to your sofa or armchair. Ideal for cosying up when watching a film, or when the weather takes a turn for the worse. Give your bedroom a quick style update and prepare it for the season ahead, by layering in textured bedding, throws, and pillows. Placing a large rug on hardwood floors can also add a lovely warmth underfoot.


2. Get the light right 

Lighting is a very important part of an interior to get right, even more so as the days get shorter and shorter. To ensure your home has that warm glow, we recommend amping up the ambient lighting. This comes in the form of table and floor lamps. Ambient lighting gives your room another layer of light and can help to control the overall atmosphere, meaning you can have the perfect environment at any time of the day. Another good tip to add additional warmth and comfort to your room would be to use incandescent, or ‘warm’ light bulbs rather than fluorescent ‘cool’ bulbs (which make rooms feel cooler).


3. Warm up your walls with colour

A lot of our clients are looking to do up their living or dining rooms in the lead up to Christmas and some only want to change a few elements in the room. We find that this is the perfect opportunity to add some warmth to the walls. Rich tones such as deep indigo, emerald green or warm burgundy can bring a sense of depth and opulence to a room, that may have been very stark or lacking definition. When repainting you don’t have to go dark to warm up a room- earthy camel or sandy tones work equally as well when paired with brighter accessories.


4. Create Atmosphere

There is nothing like an open fire crackling or the warm glow off a wood burning stove, it instantly makes you feel at home. Creating the right atmosphere on a chilly evening is important. Take a leaf out of the Danish concept of ‘Hygge’ – the feeling of cosiness and contentment evoked by simple comforts. So get lighting the candles, enjoy that cup of tea you made and tuck into the book you have been promising to start. Scented candles or diffusers can also help to bring a fun element of the seasons into your home décor. For Autumn, scents like cedar wood, apple or pumpkin spice are sure to warm up even the smallest room.


5. Dress the windows

When it gets dark outside and the rain is battering against the window, pulling over your curtains can keep the winter blues at bay. Not only do curtains have a soft aesthetic value but they are also pretty practical for blocking out chilly drafts. When selecting your curtain material, I would always recommend going for a heavier material, something that will last the test of time. Curtains are a perfect way to pick out some of the warmer tones and textures in your room. When buying curtains for your bedroom, I would go for a lined pair (don’t blame us for making getting out of bed any harder though!). Wall to wall curtains are an excellent investment if you are looking for an instant luxurious, cosy, hotel feel.


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