What does the Colour of your Front Door say about you?

We often use colour to express ourselves, in our decor, clothing and art. Colour can be linked to certain personalities, the feelings they evoke and what they say about you. That means the colour of your front door says something too! It’s one of the first things guests see when they visit your home, so have a read below to see what first impression your door is giving off.


Nothing says, “welcome” like a red front door. Red is bold and inviting, and it makes a huge statement about your personality. You love to entertain and be centre of attention. You are a great host, very hospitable and passionate.


A black front door is simple and elegant. It gives off a feeling that this is a home in order and control. It oozes power, authority and wealth. A person owning a black door communicates that the home is a serious place and that they’re a person of substance and sophistication.


A yellow front door is associated with happiness, positivity and warmth. This colour door is sure to turn heads with passers by. You’re confident, curious, wise, humorous, and understanding.


Fearless and fun, the person who dares to paint their door pink loves making statements. It also a colour of health and nurturing, and in colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope. A home with a pink door can be thought of as full of loving energy. Up the drama and sophistication by combining pink with dark colours such as black, dark green or grey.


If you have a green door, you are ambitious and continually try to better yourself and your family. Because of this, you’re probably good with money, taking care of the pennies to ensure your family have everything they need.  Your personality is laid back and easy.


A sophisticated colour like grey is both neutral and dignified. It has become the ‘It’ colour of late. Your home is likely to be very stylish, possibly minimalist as you like things to be just so. You are smart, sophisticated and like to keep up with the latest trends.


A blue front door may symbolise prosperity and abundance. It is a calm colour, which makes it a popular choice for grounded homeowners. You treasure the important things in life and love to decorate your home with things that have great sentimental value. Just like your door, your personality is fun and vibrant.


The neutrality of wood conveys warmth and stability. You are generous and down to earth person, who offers a warm welcome to visitors. Homeowners that have a wooden door are also close to nature and take pride in maintaining their garden.


Purple palettes are full of grace as this colored door represents privilege, royalty, and wealth. It is an energetic color that can represent the welcoming of new opportunities. You think outside the box, are open minded and not afraid to take a risk or two.